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Did You Know?

Podcast Cover + Description


Welcome to the captivating realm of “Did You Know,” a podcast that invites you to embark on an enlightening journey of discovery with your host, Jody Colvard.

From the ancient civilizations that once graced our planet to the remarkable innovations of today, “Did You Know” delves into the depths of time, guiding you through the annals of knowledge that have shaped our world. Together, we’ll unravel the enigmatic codes of the past, shedding light on the extraordinary feats achieved by those who came before us.

But our journey doesn’t stop at history alone. “Did You Know” delves into the ordinary objects that surround us, those seemingly mundane items that hold remarkable tales and hidden wisdom. Join me as we explore the origins of everyday objects, unearthing the fascinating stories behind our favorite tools, gadgets, and even the humblest of household items. Prepare to see the world with fresh eyes, as the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary before our very ears.

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